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May 31, 2007



I can't wait to see if they might a ride out of the Knight Bus, I am sure that would be an awsome ride in Harry Potter Land...


I've always read the books assuming a theme park would come. Womping willow ride, flying car ride, brookstick travel (across the park, probably, as well as like the peter pan ride at Magic Kingdom), 'experience' of invisibility cloaks, visual effect of apparating and portkeys, DADA competitions versus a virtual competitor (Ginny, Neville -- I'm NOT going against Hermione i.e., would lose!). Entering the Ministry of Magic through a 'wall' of water/air plus telephone booth (MAGIC is the number to hit), St. mungo's (meet more characters, place coins in fountain). WIll obviously sell lighters (but won't take street lights out, bummer), quidditch team shirts and posters, etc, orbs of prophecy, can take tests for OWL and NEWTs. Get Sorted as enter park, eat meals as member of a house.
I mean, these are some of the things I would do if I were on the team!


OH MY SEVERUS! Sorry... I am so excited I'm in tears! I think there should be a ride that takes you through the forbidden forest with Hagrid!


Bookmarked.. thank you. You know your topic very well.


Exciting.. I love Harry Potter series. I have seen all the series and read all the books. Its my favorite movie. I am excited to hear about the theme park and the final films are about to be released. I will sure gonna watch it.

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