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May 30, 2007


Janis Elvenstein

f*** this game.
i don't understand
i've completed 48 college credit hours and i don't get how it works.
this is not a game for children
it is not a game for adults
it is a game to torture humanity

Abe Walker


Actually the instructions are on the left for each one.

In the first round you have to figure out which crystal ball is projecting it's image on the other. So it keeps rotating the images and you have to select the two numbers that show the same image each time it refreshes. So memorize the pictures and their numbers, and then when it refreshes look for one of the pictures that are the same and enter the number from the first and the second that are identical.

In the second phase you have to indentify which of the images is a false reflection, as if looking in the mirror. I think that this phase is harder than the first.

Then as you get good, the number of crystal balls gets greater. It becomes even more difficult.

Keep trying!

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