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June 01, 2007



what about dumbledore's hadn in the "half blood prince" isn't it possible that he tore apart his soul in one of his hand? the book describes that it looks dead. and it won't heal



That's an interesting theroy, but I think that dumbledore is really dead. I do think he will play an important role in book 7, but he will probably be acting out of the picture frame in the head master's office.

It would be cool though if dumbledoor wasn't dead though, and your suggestion could be a way that it was done!



i think dumbledore is definatly dead and he will not be much of a help in seach of horcruxes however since he had wasted his chance to save his life in order to protect harry therefore he had again given harry the protection of love which was first given to him by his mother.thats how harry is going to learn power of love

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