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July 26, 2007



JKR did a great job of tying up the most import loose ends in the book, and I loved the book. Here were a few questions that I didn't quite understand:

1. We learned in the beginning of Book 7, Deathly Hallows, that Voldemort used Creature to drink the liqud in the basin for him to hide the locket, but at the end of the 7th book, Voldemort was able to get to the bottom of the basin wiithout help, did it not refill itself like it did after Regulus drank the liquid?

2. It seemed odd that Nevil was able to pull the sword of griffendor out of the sorting hat after the Goblin got the sword, if that was the case, Harry really didn't need to worry about loosing it.


I think that the question about why Lord Voldemort was going to let Lily live was answered. He was going to let her live because Snape asked him to. Begged him to.


I think that the question about why Lord Voldemort was going to let Lily live was answered. He was going to let her live because Snape asked him to. Begged him to.

Anne Boleyn

the question about hagrid retrieving harry without being the secret keeper was answered in the 7th book.
"The Fidelius charm must have died with James and Lily." harry says this when he and hermione go to Godrics Hollow right before meeting Bathilda.

And about the question concerning lily and james' jobs. didnt Dumbledore say that they were Aurors? i am not completly sure about this i only think.

Bucky Nineteen Tooth

I can't believe no one realized that after Bill's wedding, Crookshanks is never again mentioned, except as an incredulous remark by Hermione that they have more important things to think about.B


As usual, I am working backward. I just read the "Deathly Hallows" and have not read any of the previous Harry Potter books. But I have seen most of the movies. I really enjoyed Book 7... but do you longtime fans believe it's possible to really get the true "magic" of the series this way? Do you think it would be a good idea (or anticlimactic) for me to go back and read "Sorcerer's Stone" et al?



I think you should go back and read from the beginning. Also if you don't want to read them all, try one on Audio. The audio presentations are masterpieces in and of themselves. Jim Dale is simply amazing.



I would check a few of thoes at least three of them were answered


Actualy I think the question about Harry's eyes was answered, for me at least, useing inference. Me and my friend were saying that if it weren't for the fact that Harry looked like his dad, Snape might have liked him beter.

I think the reason Wizards come of age at 17 is because that is the year that they finish school.

About the barriers, I think Dumbledore trusted Snape enough to tell him, or Magonigal, how to preform the barriers.


I just finnished the siries and I loved it. I was almost crying at the end when Harry had to die. It was a sad scene when Hagrid carries Harry back to the castle. I know he didn't realy die but at first you think he did.

I hate how Dobby has to die! He was my favorite! But I love the part at the end where Kretcher and the Hogwarts elves come out and attack the death eaters with knives. I hope they put that in the movie. I will be very upset if they don't, I mean, they already left out Peeves and most of Dobby!


When you say what is behind the locked door in the department of mysteries, if you mean the one harry sees in his visions, then you cannot have read the fifth book. That is the clearly explained as the room in which the prophecies are kept. From some of these questions, I find it hard to believe you really understand the series at all.

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